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Enriching-Lives-International-Relief-Program-Logo-TransparentEnriching Lives International Relief Program

Enriching Lives is dedicated to helping schools, hospitals and communities which are untouched by any other humanitarian projects in the destinations Tourcan Vacations serves. Our goal is to help make people in these projects more independent and improve their quality of education, care and living conditions by giving back through sustainable tourism.

We enable our travellers to make a direct impact on these communities by giving them a list of which resources are needed the most. Our travelers are given opportunities to visit these projects where they can make their own contribution to enhance the quality of life of the local people.

Enriching Lives is involved in projects in the following countries:

  1. Peru (Remote Village)
  2. El Salvador (School)
  3. Tanzania (School)
  4. India (Ranthambore School of art)
  5. India (Mother D academy)
  6. Kenya (Children’s Garden Center)
  7. Vietnam (Children’s Cancer Hospital)
  8. Thailand (Raintree Foundation – focus on rural and underdeveloped communities in Thailand)
  9. Morocco (Sidi Bernoussi Orphanage)

For more information on our current projects visit: enrichinglivesinternational.com

What’s unique about Enriching Lives is the fact that our travellers have a direct impact and connection with people who really need help. There is nothing more fulfilling that giving a warm jacket to a cold little child in the Andes and seeing the smile on her face or in bringing school supplies to children and seeing them sing a song of thanks to you for such a gracious contribution.

Enriching Lives dedicates a lot of resources into the projects we support and one of our staff has visited each facility and met with the key leaders of each project.

Many of our travellers tell us that this experience was one of the highlights of their trip.

We invite you to book a tour with Women of the World Travel so you can experience one of these heart-warming adventures.